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List of tournaments

You can see the list of the previous and current tournaments on the tournaments website. To play or create a tournament one needs to register to the Toornament website.

Create your tournament


First, let's create a new tournament

Go to the tournament creation page and login to your Toornament account.

Create tournament1.jpg

  1. Search for the "Gladiabots" discipline.
  2. Click the "Gladiabots" discipline button.
  3. Add the "PC" and "Mobile" platforms.
  4. Enter the anticipated number of participants.
  5. Select the "Players" type of participants.
  6. Click the "NEXT" button.

Create tournament2.jpg

  1. Set your tournament name.
  2. Choose your timezone.
  3. Set your player name.
  4. Click the "NEXT" button.

Create tournament3.jpg

  1. Check "Use Toornament to manage registrations" option.
  2. Click the "CREATE" button.

Create tournament6.jpg

  1. Click the "Settings" section
  2. Click the "Permissions" sub-section
  3. Click the "Add" button
  4. Enter in the "User's email" field
  5. Check all the options
  6. Click the "Update" button

At this point, the tournament will not appear anywhere until you publish it.


Once you're happy with your tournament setup, you can publish it.

Create tournament4.jpg

  1. Select the "Status" button.

Create tournament5.jpg

  1. Enter a start date (today).
  2. Click the "Publish" button.

Your tournament should now appear in game in the "Career" screen under the "Tournaments" tab.

Manage registrations

You can manage the player registrations in the "Registrations" section.

Choose a structure

Once enough players registered, go to the "Structure" section, click the "Create new Stage" button and choose the type of stage you want to use. See the available structures Toornament help page for more info.

Don't forget to set the match "Format" in the "Match Settings" tab. The most commonly used formats are "Single game" (only one game per match) or "Best of 3" (3 games created, the first one winning 2 games wins the match). See the match format Toornament help page for more info.

Also very important: set the Calculation option to "Result based"!

  1. Then go to the "Placement" section, select the stage you just created.
  2. Add the registered participants.
  3. Shuffle placements or sort them manually.
  4. Click the "Save" button.

Everything from now on will be automatically handled by the Gladiabots server.

If you need additional help about a specific section of the Toornament website, please check their help center.