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For Windows, Linux and Mac there are several hotkeys usable in the game. They can also be used on android when played with an external keyboard.

Match playback controls

Action Hotkeys Remarks
Restart R, Home
Rewind Left arrow, Page up In fast-forward mode the match is rewinded 30 seconds, otherwise 10 seconds.
Pause Space, C, V
Play / Resume Space, X, C
Slow-motion -(Numpad), Z, W
Fast-forward +(Numpad), F, B
Camera auto traveling/zoom A
Edit AIs E
Back Escape, Right-click

Visualization of the playback hotkeys:


AI list

Action Hotkeys
Create a new AI +(Numpad), A
Rename selected AI F2
Duplicate selected AI D
Delete selected AI Delete, Backspace
Back Escape, Right-click

AI editor

Action Hotkeys
Duplicate selected node D
Edit selected node E
Edit selected node target T
Delete selected node Delete, Backspace
Undo Z
Redo Y
Back to AI list L, Escape, Right-click

Bug reports

In case of unexpected behavior one should report the bug with the report a bug button or by creating a bug report in the community forum.

Ingame console 

The ingame console shows all game messages send by the report a bug button without any need of closing the game.

  • On desktop: Press the keys Ctrl + Alt + 2 (²) on the keyboard.
  • On mobile: Touch the screen with 3 fingers for 1 second.