Challenge: Essential Improvement

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This challenge accompanies the Essential series of AIs listed on the Simple Bots page. You are asked to expand these AIs or change them, and make them better. As always, submissions have to be submitted for review on the Discord #challenges channel.

The Rules

Warning.png The scoring system is still in beta, scores might be slightly adjusted after submissions start coming in, to balance the challenge.

Submit an AI for one of the modes based on one of the Essential AIs. Here's how it will be scored:

  • Your submission needs to have an AI and an accompanying Team Setup (the team setup should be visible in the submission image, through a comment or otherwise)
  • Your submission needs to use the same Team Setup for every mission
  • You can't make a connecting line cross another connecting line or a node
  • You get 2 points for each consecutive level of campaign it clears starting from chapter 2, so if the AI's last level to win is 5-2 (20 missions), you get 40 points
  • You get 1 point for each node of the original Essential AI you leave the same
  • You are deducted one point for each node you add to the AI above 20, so if your submission is 23 nodes, you are deducted 3 points

Base Scores

After testing in ranked (July 7, 2020), all three AIs seem to be about 1200-1300 range, with Collection being slightly weaker than the other two.

These are the scores gotten by the AIs without modification:

  • Essential Collection: 58 points (20 missions, 18 nodes)
  • Essential Domination: 60 points (21 missions, 18 nodes)
  • Essential Elimination: 62 points (23 missions, 16 nodes)


Player Nodes Missions Changes Score
1. HumanCalc 21 25 1 66
Player Nodes Missions Changes Score
1. HumanCalc 18 27 1 71
Player Nodes Missions Changes Score
1. Pathetic 19 31 0 78
2. HumanCalc 25 33 0 77
3. Blackwater 16 26 1 67