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Personal wishlist:

  1. Random maps
  2. Exclusive Tag should not affect other Targets
  3. Add 0/100% health/shield conditions/filters
  4. Sub tree - output nodes
  5. Sub tree - return node
  6. Debugging sub trees:
    • Instantly opening the lowest AI sub tree instead of the highest
    • Remember the last open AI screen (main tree, sub sub tree, ...) per bot
    • Provide buttons to jump to the lowest and highest sub tree
  7. Debugger: Breakpoints; Show debug text only to me
  8. Debugger: Step by step
  9. Debugger: Faster rewinding
  10. AI backup or import / export
  11. Healer bot class
  12. Comments when programming
  13. Different match presets (normal AI, Tournament AI, limited node AI, Test AI)
  14. Multiselect (copy, delete, paste)
  15. Features of debugger subtree ingame when selecting a bot.
  16. Dragging nodes with subnodes
  17. Flee from weighted average position
  18. Extended timer showing ticks
  19. Hide lines at end of the game
  20. Improve hotkeys
  21. Laptop has no mousewheel
  22. Customization
  23. Customization
  24. Achievements
  25. Default target type / favorites
  26. Remove any selector for actions

Personal ToDo:

  1. This is Gold league
  2. Who is in Gold league?