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Some AIs have only few nodes, but boast great performance. They are a great base to start optimizing for beginners but also for advanced players to test their AI against.

Babby's First Bot Series - By MonsPubis

MonsPubis made a playlist of videos on the creation of starter bots. Here are the bots from that tutorial:

Babby Collection - 10 Nodes
Babby Domination - 10 Nodes
Babby Elimination - 12 Nodes

Essential Series by Gilberreke

Essential Collection - 18 Nodes

Some notes on Essential Collection:

  • For Collection, you generally have 4 modules: Flee, Score, Attack and Capture.
  • This AI uses the M-type strategy (capture resources towards the middle first).
  • It has a nice use of a team tag to keep track of all resources that were ever on the ally side
Essential Domination - 18 Nodes

Some notes on Essential Domination:

  • In Domination, we Capture bases and then Defend them, there is no Score module, as scoring happens automatically when a bot is in short range of a base.
  • This AI uses the capture node to "wiggle" itself in the direction of the closest enemy when it enters a base.
  • In the defend module, we also defend if we've captured a Force Field.
Essential Elimination - 16 Nodes

Some notes on Essential Elimination:

  • In Elimination, we have two types of shooting: offensive (Attack) and Defensive fire.
  • Counter 1 is used to dynamically compare enemies and allies. If the allies are in the majority, it pushes in.
  • The movement section tries to keep bots clustered together, while pushing the enemy towards the wall.