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Open these files to see the full size version. These are very small and specific tutorials, sometimes explaining advanced concepts. You can always visit the Discord to get help understanding them.

Elimination Movement

Movement in Elimination can have several different goals and parts. Here we show off some of them and how to structure them. A beginner friendly idea.

How to design a movement section for Elimination

Critical Resource Tracker

A "critical resource tracker" lets you count out the score in Collection and lets you decide which resources are a good target for scoring, while defending ground. An advanced concept illustrated in just a few nodes. Try playing around with the "easy resource tagging" on the left of the AI (the rest of the AI will adapt).

How to create a critical resource tracker

Shotclock Tutorial

There's a concept in the community called a "shot clock", which means to track how long we have been shooting, so that we can switch targets after every shot. Here it is explained from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. The advanced versions is hard to understand, and not recommended for beginners, but the intermediate version works just fine for everyone but the absolute top of players.

How to create a shotclock