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Gladiabots screenshots

Screenshots of Gladiabots in action:

Getting started

Watch trailers and Gladiabots games on Youtube to get a first impression of the game.

Download the game and try it for yourself:

  • Android: Gladiabots in Google Play Store
  • Windows, Mac and Linux: Gladiabots on
    • The Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the game have to be purchased before the download. All 3 versions are bundled for ~5.00$.
  • There are plans to publish the game for iOS and maybe for Windows phone[1][2].
  • There doesn't exist a bundle containing the Android, Windows, Mac and Linux version of the game, because there's currently no technical way to cross buy[3][4][5].

After the download start the ingame tutorial. It is a really good place to learn about Gladiabots.

Android basic and pro version

Unlock more matches screen

The Android version uses a "free to play" model: The ad supported basic version with limited content can be downloaded for free. There is an in-app purchase of ~2.50$ to remove all ads and unlock the pro version with full content. (This is the only in-app purchase of the game)

Limitations of the basic version

  • Each time the player completes a campaign mission, he will be asked to either buy the pro version of the game or watch a video ad to play the next one.
  • Every 10 career matches, the player will be asked to either buy the pro version of the game or watch a video ad to continue playing.
  • The following pro features are only accessible to players who bought the pro version:
    • Sandbox mode
    • Private matches
  • Machine gun models MegaBots and Kuratas

Further not yet implemented features are planned to become pro features:

  • Cross device and cross platform sync
  • Notifications


  • A unique concept allowing players to use their very own strategy
  • An intuitive AI designing interface
  • A very active community (see the leaderboards and the forums)
  • Robots getting obliterated for your viewing pleasure
  • Cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer

The developer


The game is created by Sébastien Dubois alias GFX47, a french indie game developer from paris born in 1979. He has more than 10 years experience creating games at Ubisoft and Amplitude Studios. Gladiabots started as a spare time project in 2015. By the end of 2016, the user base had grown tremendously and the feedback from the players was very positive, so he quit his job to work full-time on Gladiabots.