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Each map has to contain one or more bot starting positions for each team. Optionally maps can contain team bases and resources. Normally the same amount of bot starting positions and team bases are used for each team and the map objects have usually reflectional or rotational symmetry. The symmetric starting positions or team bases belong to different teams. There exists an instantiation order for the bot starting positions rarely used in the game[1].

Game modes


Best Score

Rough thoughts

Units: The playground has the size of 50x50 units. Short range is < 3 units Medium range is < 8 units Long range is < 15 units

Time: One game tick lasts 0.25 seconds, the game lasts 5 Minutes - 1200 ticks.

Moving Resources collect / drop - does it spend a whole tick? What is the distance a resource can be taken already?

Initialization order Move speed Attack damage algorithm