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Write an AI that can beat all the AIs on this page of smaller or equal size on the Sandbox 1v1 map (for example, if the smallest 3 AIs are one, three and five nodes and you can write a four node AI that can beat the first two, you become part of the Gauntlet). You are allowed to beat AIs past the time limit (but don't rewind the game past time limits, that changes the outcome of the match).

If a rock-paper-scissors type 3-AI loop is established, all three AIs will enter the gauntlet and all will need to be beaten by the next biggest AI. In case an equal size AI is found that beats all three, it will replace all three. If an equal size AI is found that beats only one of the three, the community will deliberate what to do with it.

There is a 20 node limit on AIs to make the challenge workable.

The Machine Gun Gauntlet

1 node
3 nodes - by markolainen

The Assault Gauntlet

(knocked out AI's)

1 node
3 nodes - by Gilberreke (RPS loop found, needs to be edited in)
4 nodes - by UzuraGames
7 nodes - by The Shark Preservation Society
9 nodes - by Pege